Earobics Step 1

Earobics Step 1

Vendor: Earobics

Price Range: QAR. 237

Arabic Language Support: Yes

Earobics Step 1 is a software designed to help struggling readers, writers and English language learners to access support tools they need at school, work or home. The program can help individuals with Learning Difficulties, Speech or Language Impairments, and special needs learners. It also helps students build critical literacy skills, including recognizing and blending sounds, rhyming, and discriminating phonemes within words. In addition, it has six fun interactive games with 309 levels deliver extensive training and practice. Furthermore, it remembers sounds and words in sequential order as well as recognizes rhyming sound patterns in words. The product is also available in a version for the Specialist/Clinician which allows 12 players’ name and one guest.