ZoomText Magnifier / Reader

ZoomText Magnifier / Reader

ZoomText Magnifier - Reader

Vendor: Ai Squared

Price Range: QAR. 3,900

Arabic Language Support: No

ZoomText is a software designed for people with visual impairment. The program allows seeing and hearing contents on the computer screen as well as providing access to applications, documents, email and the Internet. ZoomText Magnifier / Reader can help individuals with ‘early vision loss, computer vision syndrome, and visual impairments such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. ZoomText has dual monitor support and is capable of magnifying the screen up to 36 times; it also allows to choose which part of the screen is to be magnified. Color adaptation controls are available to help improve the clarity of the screen. It also provides enhanced navigation capabilities to help the user to launch programs and find documents on the desktop and finds the hypertext links and controls on web pages, find words or phrases.